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A-Z Products

AUTOMON® for iConsole v100
A single point of administration for IBM i Message Management

AUTOMON® for iMessage v100
Automated alerts for unattended IBM i operations

AUTOMON® for iSchedule v100
Reliable and robust batch job scheduler for IBM i

AUTOMON® for iSpool v100
Assured delivery of business-critical IBM i documents

AUTOMON® for MVS is a powerful and flexible automated operations system which provides significant improvements in system availability and reliability

CENTRAL® for iAccess v100
Centralized, simple and secure IBM i menu management

Columbus ADMIN
A single point of administration for the simple implementation and configuration of output devices within a document management infrastructure

Columbus APO
By enabling the true cost of output to be determined, Columbus APO helps organizations reap the benefits of ongoing transparency and fleet optimization

Columbus CAT
Content analysis and data transformation ensures the right document format is created for the required output delivery channel

Columbus Central
Document workflow for intelligent document processing

Columbus DFM
Continuously managing and monitoring office printing environments for automated, electronic provision of device data

Columbus DW
Online document warehouse for the rapid capture, archiving, transformation and presentation of documents from any desired application

Columbus OM
Ensuring the safe, cost effective and timely arrival of business documents

Columbus SPOC
Web-based monitoring and day to day operational control of the document management infrastructure

Columbus Z
A market leading output management solution for the IBM mainframe

Columbus Z REFLECT
Columbus Z REFLECT intercepts and flexibly redirects IBM 3270 data streams

DataBack is an automated VSAM management solution for backing up your business-critical corporate data

High-performance, high-flexibility recovery tool for the fast resolution of problems with critical applications

An automated application performance management and analysis partner for FreezeFrame

ExpeTune DB
ExpeTune DB is designed for use by DB2 performance analysts on z/OS platforms and provides a wide range of facilities to help them be more productive and effective in managing DB2. It can also be used with FreezeFrame to explain SQL using its enhanced explain capabilities

Fault Analysis Portal
The Fault Analysis Portal (FAP) is a Web browser interface designed to enhance solutions for your application abends and application tracing

Comprehensive and cost-effective Application Performance Management (APM) solution that is easy to use and understand

Simplified data management and manipulation for System z

InSync DBA
Easier access to the DB2 Catalog and detailed object management

InSync for IMS Online
Standalone edit and browse for users who have no access to TSO/ISPF

Logout provides a comprehensive console management system with enhanced & extended console displays

Web interface and productivity tool for Macro 4's Application Performance Management suite

Intelligent multi-language code editing for Eclipse

A powerful Eclipse framework for application lifecycle management 

SUPERMON® for iDisk v100
Efficient management of IBM i disk resources

SUPERMON® for iSeries v100
Optimized performance management for critical IBM i systems

SUPERMON® for Java
If Java is underpinning critical applications in your organization, you need tools to monitor their effectiveness and efficiency and alert you to problems before service levels deteriorate

Synchro is the automation solution for managing CICS® systems across a CICSPlex, a network, or across continents from a single point of control

Interactive application testing and debugging for System z

TraceMaster CodeTrack
TraceMaster CodeTrack is a key part of the TraceMaster family that provides CICS® Storage Violation detection and management and CICS Path Analysis

Tubes provides a secure, user-friendly means of accessing multiple systems from a single terminal on z/OS

VSAMTune is a management solution for managing your business-critical corporate data

JES and dataset administation for Eclipse, plus 3270 terminal emulation