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Swift interactive testing and debugging for System z

TraceMaster interactive tracing software significantly reduces the time and accompanying costs of mainframe application development - by rapidly identifying the causes of program errors hidden within thousands of lines of code.

TraceMaster lets you analyze large volumes of code much faster, compared with traditional debugging methods. Developers can step back and forth through program logic with complete flexibility, to find and fix program errors quickly and accelterate the deployment of your business-critical applications.

Key Features

  • Unlimited unconditional and conditional breakpoints allow users to step through a complete program or a section of code at their desired pace, until they are sure it is running as expected
  • 'Step logic in reverse' permits tracing back to any errors occurring before a breakpoint
  • Breakpoints can be set at lines or sections of code and then restored at any future tracing sessions, unaffected by subsequent program changes and recompilations
  • All variables can be displayed, monitore or modified throughout the tracing session
  • CICS specific filtering enables CICS programs and subprograms to be traced easily, using variables such as transaction or program name
  • Path coverage analysis analyzes execution paths and identifies coding inefficiencies in non-CICS programs. CICS path coverage analysis can be performed using TraceMaster CodeTrack
  • A full audit capability lets program developers and managers to monitor and trace back through the results and steps taken during a test session
  • Web, Eclipse and 3270 interfaces provide a range of access options to suit all users

TraceMaster can be deployed in combination with the following products as an integral part of fault analysis and testing or application performance management:

  • TraceMaster CodeTrack, for CICS storage violation detection and management plus path analysis
  • DumpMaster, which offers sophisticated abend analysis for the fast resolution of critical application faults
  • InSync, for System z data management and manipulation
  • FreezeFrame, which provides comprehensive application performance analysis for System z
  • ExpeTune, for System z applicaiton performance management
  • ExpeTune DB, for DB2 performance management

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