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2015.09.22 :: UNICOM Global CEO Serves as “Professor for a Day” at CSUN
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2015.07.07 :: Flowcharting feature in AUTOMON for iSchedule highlights job scheduling dependencies and reduces risk

Mainframe Productivity Tools for Eclipse and the Web

Adding powerful functionality to Macro 4's mainframe development and support applications

Mainframes remain at the heart of many businesses, hosting critical applications that must be supported, maintained and developed. As mainframe specialists head towards retirement it is therefore vital to recruit replacement skills and expertise.

Macro 4 can help organizations attract new talent to address mainframe skills shortages by providing Eclipse and Web-based interfaces that are more familiar to the latest generation of IT developers and support personnel, and far more intuitive.

Our Web interfaces, together with the M4Workbench Eclipse framework, leverage new technology to deliver major productivity and efficiency gains throughout the application development lifecycle. Key features include:

  • Simple 'point and click' screen layouts that significantly increase ease of use and productivity
  • Direct access to the mainframe, avoiding the need for 3270 based terminal sessions
  • Faster problem analysis and resolution through support for collaborative working and integration with email
  • Enhanced facilities for viewing and working with program listings for both fault analysis and interactive testing and debugging
  • Editing for program source code and JCL via a language-aware editor
  • Additional job submission, output retrieval and viewing capabilities