Legacy Application decommissioning


Freeing up resources, driving down costs and improving customer service through application retirement


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One of the UK's top banking and mortgage providers acquired two million new customers and a range of duplicate mainframe-based business applications following a merger with another financial services institution.


Faced with the challenge of integrating the data and systems of the acquired organisation, two key goals for the bank were to be able to maintain its excellent level of service to customers post-acquisition, and to drive IT efficiencies in retiring the legacy applications and mainframe hardware.


The bank successfully migrated the acquired historical data into their existing Columbus enterprise information management (EIM) system whilst keeping the customer data both secure and accessible, and without compromise to customer service levels. Importantly, they achieved significant cost savings by decommissioning the legacy applications and related hardware.



Legacy application decommissioning: the universal IT challenge.




Many of the efficiency benefits of mergers and acquisitions come from driving out duplication. Macro 4 helped us to do this by providing a ready-made way of keeping alive the key customer information we had acquired, allowing us to switch off the mainframe and reduce our costs.

Project Manager at the bank