If you use IBM Session Manager you will already know that IBM has withdrawn support for this product. But have you heard about the mainframe session manager you can switch to in less than one day?


Tubes for z/OS is a mainframe session manager that is 100% compatible with IBM Session Manager. This means that:

  •   Migrating to Tubes takes hours, not months
  •   Switching is simple, with no complex configuration or menu changes
  •   Tubes has all the same technical capabilities as IBM Session Manager
  •   There is no change for users, and no business disruption

Tubes is the only mainframe session manager that works straight out of the box with your existing IBM Session Manager configuration. You can choose to replicate your current system, or opt for web and mobile interfaces as well as 3270 access so you can use the mainframe on the move.

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Tubes session manager delivers fast, user-friendly access to thousands of mainframe applications following a seamless, risk-free implementation.

Find out why this leading telecommunications company chose Tubes to replace its IBM Session Manager. Download the case study.

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