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Blockchain: a new tool for compliance

Blockchain networks have huge potential for compliance. Any data you save onto the ‘chain’ is practically impossible to change or delete, making it a trusted source that can be relied on by all participants in your compliance processes.

Columbus: the world’s first blockchain-ready enterprise information management system

The Columbus enterprise information management suite uses the same cryptographic mechanisms as the blockchain to record information and events in a secure ‘chain’. This approach ensures immutability of all information stored in your Columbus content repository, and provides tamper-evident proof of events such as how data has been used, by whom and when.

Additionally, Columbus integrates with the Hyperledger blockchain framework to share information with regulators, customers and auditors and provide a trusted record of compliance with regulatory requirements such as preventing access to sensitive documents, or deletion of personal data in response to customer requests.


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Blockchain’s power of data immutability gives it a strong advantage when it comes to supporting compliance initiatives."

Neil Evans

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Blockchain solutions: how you can benefit

  • Deliver blockchain-grade immutability for all of your enterprise content
  • Share information with blockchain networks in a simple, low-risk way, without making changes to your IT infrastructure
  • Enable trusted information exchange with regulators, auditors and customers
  • Prove that compliance processes have been followed correctly

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