Legacy Application decommissioning


Support for GDPR compliance and increased customer satisfaction through legacy application retirement


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As a leading plumbing, heating and cooling trade specialist to the UK building industry, the company was looking to implement a key business strategy to drive down costs, improve customer satisfaction, reduce business risk and enable support for GDPR compliance.


In order to comply with GDPR requirements, the company needed to migrate millions of documents such as customer account applications, correspondence, and accounts payable invoices from an old non-GDPR compliant document management system into Columbus. Once all the data had been migrated to the new system, the old system was then retired.


The company achieved its objective to keep its customer data both secure and accessible, and without compromise to customer service levels. Importantly, cost savings were made by decommissioning the legacy application.



Legacy application decommissioning: the universal IT challenge.





It was easy to move the data into Columbus, where we have much greater levels of security around personal data. For example, all data is encrypted, and we can simply tailor how we restrict access to sensitive information because Columbus provides integration with Microsoft Active Directory.  

IT Solutions Manager