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Tubes for z/OS

Secure and flexible session management for z Systems

Your employees and customers expect fast access to your business applications from any location - whether using a PC, mobile device or 3270 interface. At the same time you need increased security to protect your organization from cyber threats. Tubes for z/OS helps you address both of these challenges. It is an advanced session management solution that allows users to connect securely to multiple mainframe applications from a single menu and provides systems administrators with powerful capabilities to monitor and control access.

An optional Web interface offers a way to interact directly with mainframe applications through a browser without the expense of undertaking a Web development project. Browser access also removes the need for 3270 emulation software when using mainframe applications on a PC, leading to further cost savings and greater convenience for users as they are no longer tied to a computer running a terminal emulator.  

Key features

  • From a single signon, Tubes provides concurrent multi-session support; users become more productive as they can switch quickly between applications running on any IBM mainframe operating system anywhere on your network (and IBM i or UNIX VT220 applications where required) without the need to log in again or rekey data
  • Menus are created dynamically and are personalized so that users see only those applications they are authorized to access
  • Comprehensive in-built security allows you to control user access with minimal administrator effort; this includes seamless integration with external security packages such as RACF and ACF2 and the ability to restrict individual system features and functions to specific users
  • Intuitive administration functions make it easy to add, update and delete users and applications and selected end users can even be permitted to tailor their own working environment using a self-administration function.
  • A batch administration capability reduces administrative overheads by enabling mass updates to applications or user profiles to be run automatically
  • A Network Data Minimizer compresses both inbound and outbound data streams, increases network throughput and solves bottleneck problems
  • An Application Builder feature allows information from different sessions to be combined and displayed on a single screen, in effect creating a new application without any development overhead
  • Eclipse, browser and 3270 interfaces can be used interchangeably and provide complete flexibility to meet the access requirements of every user, from customers and mobile or office-based employees through to development and operations personnel 

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