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Intelligent document composition



Creating personalized customer communications is a challenge for global organizations. It requires the ability to generate tailored documents on a vast scale, in a wide range of electronic and printed formats, and in many different languages.  

Columbus DoXite is a powerful document composition software product that gives you everything you need to create one-to-one communications quickly and cost effectively. There is no need for an army of programmers, as business users can design their own document templates with ease. It is simple to add dynamic graphical content and alter the message, appearance and document format to suit the individual recipient.

Columbus DoXite is designed to be a single solution for all aspects of document composition within an organization, regardless of the data source or delivery requirements. It is a core component of the Columbus suite for smarter information delivery and its modular design also makes it easy to integrate with third party applications. Columbus DoXite offers deep integration with SAP® Business Suite, seamlessly transforming SAP document and data output into high quality, personalized documents.


  • Data Styler
    This powerful design tool allows you to combine variable information from a range of input sources within a single document and automatically converts all data into a consistent XML format
  • Document Styler
    An intuitive user interface gives you the flexibility to create any document layout, and include marketing offers, image files and other variable content in line with easily defined business rules
  • Dynamic document layouts
    Layout is automatically optimized to suit the content, size and format of each individual document, eliminating the cost and effort of creating multiple templates to cater for web presentment, email delivery or a range of different printers, for example
  • Document embellishment
    Preformatted documents can be enhanced quickly by adding new features such as barcodes, digital signatures and graphics
  • Multi-byte character set support
    Documents can be created for a global audience using multi-byte input and output formats to communicate in a range of languages and character sets
  • Intelligent building blocks
    For ease of maintenance, all design elements are managed separately from the document workflow, as independent building blocks; so, for example, a footer that is reused in several documents only ever needs updating once
  • Seamless integration with SAP applications
    Columbus DoXite can compose new documents from both formatted and unformatted SAP output without the need for costly SAP development skills, using certified SAP interfaces to handle raw data, SAP Smart Forms and PDF files
Columbus DoXite is part of the Columbus suite for smarter information delivery, which also includes:
  • Columbus Central - multi-channel delivery and document workflow 
  • Columbus DW - format transformation, presentment and compliant storage of documents and data
  • Columbus OM - assured open systems output management
  • Columbus Z - assured mainframe output management
  • Columbus Accounting - business intelligence (BI) for the Columbus suite

Columbus DoXite, a fully integrated element of the Columbus suite, is developed by DETEC Software GmbH, a sister division of UNICOM Global specializing in solutions for document-based corporate communications.

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