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Macro 4 has over ten years of experience implementing enterprise communications solutions for global companies.

Our solutions allow you to:

Customer communications management challenges

The challenge

information access is a challenge

Customer information is hard to access

Outdated and manual systems present a challenge

Outdated and manual systems

lack of personalization is a challenge

Lack of personalization

challenges result in any obstacles

The results

Deliver better customer communications

With Macro 4, you can quickly optimize your documents and digital messages for efficient multi-channel communications, using web portals, mobile apps, emails, social media, print and more. Our CCM software works with your current systems and outputs to deliver a cohesive communications experience for your customers:

A one-stop solution for customer communications management

The benefits

network lines around a circle

A seamless customer experience

Manage all communications in an integrated way to ensure consistency across business units and channels

person with arrows next to them

A single customer view

Give staff immediate access to all customer information, allowing them to resolve customer queries much faster

circles connected with lines

A joined-up approach

Interact with your customers using multiple channels quickly and easily to ensure a seamless customer journey

thumb print next to devices

Personalized communication

Tailor messaging to individual customers across departments to improve engagement and provide the personalized service customers expect

coin stacks wit down arrow above

Reduced costs

Increase use of digital channels and reduce your print and mailing costs

The result: increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Increased productivity

Higher service quality

Improved customer experience

Reduced costs

Enhanced efficiency

Our customer communications platform

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