An integrated suite for enterprise information management.

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The Columbus Suite

Columbus Central: digital process orchestration

Columbus Central drives your business-critical communication workflows and frees you from the complexities of managing multi-channel delivery at scale.

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Columbus DoXite: intelligent document composition

Columbus DoXite gives you everything you need to create high-volume personalized communications in digital and printed formats, using dynamic graphical content and messaging.

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Columbus DW: enterprise content management

Columbus DW makes it easy to organize and share business information from across the enterprise while meeting your data protection and retention requirements.

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Columbus OM: enterprise output management

Columbus OM manages all printing throughout your organization from a single point of control, for early detection and prevention of output problems.

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Columbus Z: output management on IBM zSystems

Columbus Z enables optimal use of enterprise printer hardware by allowing users to route mainframe output to any device, including low-cost office printers.

Learn more about Columbus Z.

Columbus Accounting: embedded business intelligence

Columbus Accounting delivers business intelligence on your organization's enterprise information management infrastructure to identify potential cost savings and efficiency gains.

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