Columbus Z

Output management on IBM zSystems.

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Key features

Management and control

Print jobs are recovered automatically in the event of a device failure, helping you to increase operational efficiency and user productivity while reducing the number of print-related incidents coming into your helpdesk.

Bi-directional cross-platform printing

Reports and other documents can be transferred seamlessly between VM, z/OS, z/Linux, UNIX, IBM i and Windows platforms over existing networks.

Multi-channel delivery

The Columbus Z OPEN feature automatically transfers mainframe-generated documents to Columbus Central, Columbus DW and Columbus OM for digital delivery, online self-service and open systems output management.

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Automated splitting and bundling

Output such as reports can be combined or split to produce new documents, saving you time as you don’t have to modify the original documents or source applications to create the content you want. Paper waste is also reduced by only printing the pages each user really needs.

Document archiving

Older documents can be archived automatically in Columbus DW and viewed using a responsive browser interface, customizable self-service portal and mobile app.

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Production printing

Both AFP and non-AFP documents can be printed on IPDS printers to allow more effective use of high-speed printers.

Distributed printing

AFP documents can be printed on networked printers by converting IBM AFP spool files and resources to PCL data streams in real time.

Host connectivity

Columbus Z CONNECT is a simple mechanism for automatically transferring mainframe-generated spool files to external server-based products, such as third-party archiving and production printing software.

CICS and Natural interfaces

Interfaces with CICS and Natural enable easy creation of documents, which are routed to the JES spool for onward distribution.

Web and 3270 access

Columbus Z has a touchscreen-enabled browser interface for mobile and terminal emulator free access, available alongside a 3270 interface.

Embedded business intelligence

Columbus Accounting provides rich reports on your printing environment to help you drive continuous service improvement, and supports a range of business activities, including forecasting and capacity planning, service level management, usage-based billing and infrastructure optimization. Columbus Z also integrates with Splunk® for real-time monitoring and reporting.

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Introducing the Columbus Z web interface

A simpler way to manage mainframe printing

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