Comprehensive JES and dataset administration for Eclipse, plus 3270 terminal emulation.

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Key features

Fast access to mainframe data

z/Explorer users can save time by accessing mainframe datasets and members directly, without exiting Eclipse or using time-consuming file transfer mechanisms.

Local file downloading

It is easy to download mainframe files to your local environment – for emailing to colleagues, for example.

Data browsing and editing

z/Explorer automatically launches M4SlickEdit, our intelligent multi-language code editor, or your chosen text editor, for seamless data browsing and editing

Learn more about M4SlickEdit.

3270 Access View

An integral, fully configurable 3270 terminal emulation facility provides easy access to your mainframe applications and allows you to define keyboard mapping, code page, font, color and screen size.

Swift job submission

Direct JES access allows you to quickly submit mainframe jobs and view the output. The JCL output can then be edited, modified and resubmitted to JES.

System monitoring

You can manage all system activity by monitoring the console logs and issuing console commands. You can also view the JES2 and JES3 system logs to monitor active jobs.