Application performance management for z/OS.

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Key features

Identification of tuning candidates

To help you decide where to focus your tuning efforts, a Watchlist is created from SMF data, showing any batch or online applications that exceed thresholds decided by you, such as CPU usage or elapsed time.

SAS and MXG support

If you already use SAS and MXG for your statistical data, ExpeTune can analyze their databases to build a Watchlist of tuning opportunities.

Scheduling of FreezeFrame observations

You can view the Watchlist and submit FreezeFrame observations for selected entries, to provide additional detailed performance analysis.

Observation session analysis

ExpeTune can analyze any FreezeFrame application observation and report on potential issues such as excessive use of monitors and traces, use of expensive database services and poor run-time routines.

Expert knowledgebase

A comprehensive knowledgebase provides expert advice on how to correct the performance problems highlighted by ExpeTune and FreezeFrame.

CICS monitoring

CICS transactions are monitored in real-time and a FreezeFrame observation session can be initiated automatically if a transaction takes too long to execute.

SMF data analysis

Performance reports are produced from raw SMF records to provide operational insight in a wide range of areas such as CPU usage by LPARs, CICS regions and jobs.

System auditing

A powerful audit tool can examine many sources of statistical information to reveal a wide range of program and non-program related tuning opportunities, without the need to execute any target code.

Graphical reporting

A range of charts, showing MIPS usage and system CPU usage, allow you to analyze resource consumption from multiple perspectives, including date and time, application category and system name.