Application performance analysis for z/OS.

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Key features

Support for mixed environments

FreezeFrame measures programs running in batch and under CICS, IMS, Java JVM, WebSphere Application Server and ADABAS environments, and can extract details of calls to CICS, Db2, IMS and WebSphereMQ.

Flexible scheduling

Observations can be started manually, scheduled for a specific time or triggered by reaching a threshold such as a specified CPU time; CICS transaction monitoring can also be initiated by ExpeTune if a transaction exceeds its threshold execution time.

Low-impact performance measurement

During an observation session, FreezeFrame's non-intrusive Stealth Sampling Technology records system activity without slowing it down, as the measurement engine never schedules I/O or any other task in the target address space.

Pinpoint accuracy

Variable sampling times and frequency provide a detailed picture of how resources are consumed that identifies all performance issues.

Db2 and SQL activity monitoring

Badly performing SQL can cause the most serious performance problems; FreezeFrame monitors all Db2 SQL requests in an observation and provides full reporting of the Db2 SQL activity.

Flexible reporting

Users can view performance analysis reports online and drill down to progressive levels of detail; this makes reporting clear and easy to understand; reports can also be printed, or run in batch.

Source program mapping

Many reports can be mapped onto application program source listings to determine which specific lines of code are causing performance problems.

Eclipse and 3270 access

Native and Eclipse interfaces can be used interchangeably to provide flexible user access.