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Key features

A digital content hub

Digital content from any source, in any format, can be captured automatically and stored together in a single Columbus DW system; a '360 degree' view of all communications is available for each customer, to help you deliver personalized, knowledgeable service across all touchpoints.

Information lifecycle management

Integrated information lifecycle management allows you to control content classification, retention and deletion at end of life to meet your regulatory archiving requirements.

Security and auditing

Document encryption, redaction, versioning and tamper-evident auditing combine with user-level and document-level security to safeguard enterprise information and ensure regulatory compliance; blockchain integration delivers an additional trusted record of system activity.

Dynamic content transformation

Your stored content can be converted automatically into standard and accessible formats for digital delivery, self-service access or printing, while transformation to XML enables content such as billing data to be exchanged directly with other business applications, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Ease of use

The Columbus DW interface is so simple and intuitive to use that training is rarely necessary; users can quickly pinpoint the information they need amongst millions of digital assets, and manage business processes using integrated workflow.

Flexible access

Columbus DW has a responsive browser interface, optimized for desktop, laptop and tablet access, plus a customizable self-service portal that can either be used standalone or embedded within your website, as well as 'pop up' document viewers for use with third-party applications.

Application integration

Columbus DW integrates with your business applications to provide users with direct access to relevant enterprise content; SAP®-certified interfaces for archiving and information lifecycle management offer a seamless experience for users of SAP applications.

Enterprise architecture

Columbus DW is designed to service millions of users and store billions of documents; the system runs on all major platforms and is also available as software as a service. Third-party storage architectures are supported, including cloud object storage and compliant WORM storage platforms.

Embedded business intelligence

Digital assets stored in Columbus DW can be explored and analyzed to generate actionable insights, or exported to other business intelligence systems and analytics engines. Additionally, Columbus Accounting generates rich reports from your Columbus DW environment to help you drive continuous service improvement, and supports a range of business activities, including capacity planning, service level management, usage-based billing and infrastructure optimization.

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