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As the number of mainframe applications you need to access increases, so does the need for a session manager. Unless you have a mainframe session manager the only way you can switch from one application to another is to exit the first system entirely and then log in to the second. The process is very time consuming and it all adds up to a poor user experience.

Secure 3270 session management for IBM mainframe users

By contrast, our session manager, Tubes for z/OS, provides fast, secure access to all of your mainframe applications – and also IBM i and UNIX systems if required – from a user-friendly menu interface. Users only need to sign in once, and can then switch quickly and easily between applications. Menus can be customized to individual user needs, while web and mobile interfaces open up a new world of possibilities for modernizing your mainframe applications.

Watch a demo of web-enabled session management   

In addition to 3270 and Eclipse access, Tubes comes with in-built web and mobile interfaces so you can enjoy the convenience of working with your mainframe applications on any PC or mobile device, using a mouse or touchscreen. This offers you a way to instantly web enable your mainframe applications and transform user experience. It also spares you the cost of running terminal emulation software to access the mainframe from a PC. And it requires no development effort at all.

Web, mobile, 3270 and Eclipse interfaces meet the mainframe access needs of all business and IT users.

3270 interface

List-based browser view

Mobile dashboard

Eclipse interface

An integrated performance dashboard helps you improve service levels by monitoring key metrics such as response times and user activity. You can also view historical trends and perform data extrapolation for long-term performance management and capacity planning.

Integrated performance dashboard

Mainframe session manager replacement

If you are thinking about replacing your mainframe session manager – to improve functionality, reduce your costs, or perhaps because your supplier is withdrawing product support – Macro 4 can help.

We are experienced in session manager conversions and the migration process can take as little as a few hours. When you convert to our Tubes session manager you can replicate your current features and interfaces or choose any of our modernization options alongside 3270 access.

Read our useful guide for advice on what to look for when choosing a new session manager – and how to avoid the pitfalls.

IBM Session Manager user?

Learn how our IBM Session Manager replacement program can save you months of work.

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'How to switch session manager painlessly'

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Tubes session manager delivers fast, user-friendly access to thousands of mainframe applications following a seamless, risk-free implementation.

Find out why this leading telecommunications company chose Tubes to replace its IBM Session Manager. Download the case study.

Time for a new session manager?

Tubes offers you advanced 3270 multi-session management – and so much more. Now could be the right time to take a look at Tubes if you are looking for a way to:

  •  Provide instant web and mobile access to your mainframe applications
  •  Modernize your application interfaces quickly
  •  Reduce reliance on terminal emulation software
  •  Switch painlessly to an established session manager with an ambitious development roadmap

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