Data management and manipulation for z/OS.

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Key features

Intuitive user functions

Easy-to-use data manipulation features let users browse, edit, print, create and extract application data in all types of z/OS files, along with Db2 and IMS databases.

Advanced data manipulation

Powerful search and selection capabilities make it easier to locate and diagnose data errors and to validate application data.

Compare functions

Users can easily compare z/OS files with identical or different layouts, source code libraries and load modules.

Data privacy

Data translation rules ensure that sensitive data can be disguised when moved from one environment to another, for instance from production to test.

Data formatting

COBOL, PL/I and Assembler record layouts can be used to format data displays.

Batch processing

InSync's batch processing language is designed to manipulate data in production batch applications and also lets users write their own fully tailored batch data manipulation processes.

Simplified Db2 and IMS management

Db2 tables and IMS databases can be browsed and edited without the need for SQL knowledge, which reduces dependency on database administrators.

Extensive file utilities

A wide range of file types can be created and manipulated, including VSAM, PDS/PDSE libraries and HFS files; CSV and XML files can also be created.

Management reporting

All enterprise data manipulation activity can be tracked and analyzed easily using Splunk, TIBCO JasperReports and other leading business intelligence and reporting tools.

Eclipse and 3270 access

Native and Eclipse interfaces can be used interchangeably to provide flexible user access.