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Macro 4 SAP solutions

Output management

Document composition

Data archiving

SAP Information Lifecycle Management

Document archiving

Legacy application decommissioning

Output management for SAP: reliable printing with control

Macro 4 output management benefits

24/7 reliability

Fewer helpdesk issues

No SAP programming

An enterprise solution

Multi-channel delivery

Document composition for SAP: advanced design and formatting

Macro 4 document composition benefits

Efficiency savings

Better conversion rates

Faster performance

A flexible solution

Lower delivery costs

Data archiving for SAP: optimize database performance

Document archiving for SAP: streamline business processes

SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM): future proof your strategy

Macro 4 archiving benefits

Faster performance

Easier migration

Lower running costs

Painless compliance

Efficiency savings

Legacy application decommissioning: simplify your IT landscape

Benefits of Macro 4 decommissioning

Rapid cost reduction

Regulatory compliance

Stronger security

Freedom to innovate

Customer satisfaction

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I already have an SAP system – why do I need additional solutions?

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