Words Online for z/OS

Online text and help management for your CICS applications.

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Key features

Comprehensive text management

The Words Online for z/OS text management system caters for all of your installation's text handling requirements, from simple memos through to complex design documents and books.

Information center

The text management system provides users with a central facility for storing, accessing, editing and printing all of your text information.

Integral security

Integral security routines, using CICS security keys and passwords, protect all text information against tampering by unauthorized users.

Online help

Any user can access online help information whenever an unexpected or unfamiliar situation in an online CICS transaction is encountered. This can be presented either as a full screen or in a window.

Application-independent help

Help information can be incorporated into any of your CICS transactions, whether written in-house or by a third party, without making any changes to your existing software.

Context-sensitive help

Words Online for z/OS displays the most detailed help information available, according to the situation the user was in at the time of the help request.