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man in a server room looking at a laptop

Application decommissioning

Rising to the legacy application challenge

An essential part of your digital transformation strategy

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Business-critical output solution

Take control of your business-critical output

Macro 4 assured output management for SAP® ERP

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Customer communications management

Make a smooth transition to digital delivery

Build loyalty through personalized multi-channel interaction

Woman using phone

Customer communications management

Improving the customer experience

Are organizational issues hampering your customer experience?

Digital transformation cheetah

Multi-factor authentication and the mainframe

A survey of mainframe professionals by Macro 4

How are enterprises adopting MFA and why?

man in a server room looking at a laptop

The technical account management programme

Gain maximum value from the use of our software products

Provides customers with free ongoing technical support

infographic snippet 12 reasons to switch to Tubes

Twelve reasons to switch to Tubes for session management

Benefit from better pricing, functionality, support, and more

Learn about the leading mainframe session manager