Interactive testing and debugging for z/OS applications.

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Key features

Intuitive control

An intuitive interface allows testers to manipulate large volumes of code easily, providing clear insight into logic errors and program abends.

Test session replay

Errors can be targeted by stepping back and forth throughout a program line by line, with the option to drop into lower level programs, to determine the root cause.

Unlimited breakpoints

Users may set any number of conditional and unconditional breakpoints to step through a complete program or a section of code at their desired pace, until they are sure it is running as expected.

Reusable breakpoints

Breakpoints can be set at lines or sections of code and then restored at subsequent tracing sessions to let testers pick up easily where they left off.

Data control

Program variables can be displayed, monitored and modified throughout the tracing session, even when switching between programs and subprograms.

CICS-specific filtering

CICS programs and subprograms can be traced easily using variables such as the transaction name or program name.

Path coverage analysis

This powerful feature can be used to examine execution paths and identify coding inefficiencies in non-CICS programs. CICS path coverage analysis can be performed using TraceMaster CodeTrack.

Learn more about TraceMaster CodeTrack.

Test results auditing

A full auditing capability lets program developers and managers trace back through the results and steps taken during a test session, to monitor compliance with quality assurance procedures.

Web, Eclipse and 3270 access

A range of complementary interfaces provide access options to suit all users.