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Output management with Macro 4

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1. Greater control and visibility over document output

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2. Enhanced document tracking and reporting

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3. High-impact, personalized communications

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4. Reduced paper usage and printing costs

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5. Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

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6. Increased data integrity and accuracy

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7. Reduced IT support costs

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8. Improved disaster recovery and business continuity

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9. Seamless multi-channel service

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10. Better support for different languages and character sets

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11. Enhanced ability to customize and configure the system to meet specific business needs

Output management for SAP

Macro 4's output management solutions provide a range of capabilities specifically designed to work with SAP systems. As a long-term SAP partner, Macro 4 has implemented business-critical output solutions for hundreds of SAP customers worldwide.

Our solutions can help address some common printing issues for SAP users, to achieve:

Assured delivery

Assured printing

Job status feedback

Our output management platform

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