Fault analysis and recovery for z/OS applications.

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Key features

Collaborative dump analysis

Anyone working on a problem can add comments to the dump, email links to colleagues and view all diagnostic information in one location, which makes it easier to pool ideas and avoid duplication of effort.

Rapid fault diagnosis

A summary display presents diagnostic information in a clear and logical format, using terminology familiar to developers, and in sufficient detail to fix most problems quickly.

Advanced diagnosis

For diagnosis of more complex problems, DumpMaster provides access to additional dump information through advanced features like the call chain list, language environment summary, code disassembly and an extended find function.

Global source listing support

DumpMaster works with standard compilation source listings that can be accessed instantly from proprietary source change management repositories, wherever they exist in your organization; mapping the dump data onto program listings makes it easy to identify problem code.

Support for multiple application environments

DumpMaster has support for Batch, CICS transaction and system dumps, WebSphere MQ and HOGAN abends.

IMS Support

To assist IMS users, DumpMaster presents an organized, structured series of dynamic displays keyed to IMS abends, together with IMS-specific dump debugging information, and also supports the Standardware COPE product.

Db2 Support

When an abending program contains evidence that Db2 was active, the Db2 summary page provides all the information needed to resolve SQL errors or any other Db2-related problem quickly.

Knowledge sharing

Detailed information about individual errors and how they were resolved can be archived in DumpMaster's knowledgebase for reference when tackling similar problems in the future, which helps users to quickly improve their skills.

Web, Eclipse and 3270 access

A range of complementary interfaces provide a variety of options to suit all users.