ExpeTune DB

Db2 performance management.

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Key features

Smoother application rollouts

A Db2 health check feature allows you to determine the effect on database performance of any application changes before they go live.

Trouble-free Db2 upgrades

A predictive comparison facility alerts you to any slow-running queries caused by rebinding SQL to work with a new version of Db2.

Identification of SQL and Db2 inefficiencies

A single ISPF interface provides a 'one stop' set of data that can be used by Db2 performance analysts to diagnose and correct performance problems quickly.

Dynamic SQL workload management

Dynamic SQL run from non-z/OS platforms has a major impact on Db2 workload but is hard to track; ExpeTune DB lets you monitor, manage and minimize this workload.

Identification of obsolete tables

Static SQL can be extracted from the Db2 Catalog and listed in a readable format for investigating table usage and identifying obsolete tables.

Easier interpretation of SQL

ExpeTune DB lists and explains SQL from different sources, providing a succinct text summary, which can be restricted to a range of conditions, such as exceeding specific CPU consumption thresholds.