TraceMaster CodeTrack

CICS code path analysis and storage violation detection.

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Key features

Easy upkeep

Minimal set-up and maintenance is required, so TraceMaster CodeTrack can be readily installed on any number of CICS systems to enable blanket monitoring for errors, including those that occur rarely or under unusual circumstances.

Path analysis reporting

Every time a program instruction is executed, a cumulative count is updated; reports are produced to highlight executed and non-executed code, code hotspots and poor code structure.

Redundant code detection

Analysis reports reveal leftover fragments of unused and potentially malicious code that testers need to remove or correct to prevent security threats.

Total system coverage

TraceMaster CodeTrack's low-level interception approach allows storage violation monitoring to be applied to transactions that cannot be detected by standard CICS mechanisms.

Pre-emptive processing

Proactive prevention of storage violations is safer and more efficient than detecting a storage error after it has occurred and offers a significant advantage over standard CICS monitoring mechanisms.

Flexible storage violation error handling

Users can choose how pending storage violations should be handled, such as by creating a dump and continuing, or abending the transaction and writing a record to the TraceMaster CodeTrack log file showing which line of code caused the violation, and when.

Inclusion and exclusion lists

When a program is started in a region where TraceMaster CodeTrack is active, TraceMaster CodeTrack determines whether it should be monitored by referencing the user-maintained exclusion and inclusion lists. This gives users the ability to monitor all programs in a CICS region or to target specific program.

Auditing and quality control

Code analysis reports can be used to monitor the level of testing carried out on new or updated applications and verify compliance with testing procedures.