Tubes for VSEⁿ and z/VM

Mainframe session management.

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Key features

Concurrent multi-session support

Users can save time and effort by switching seamlessly between applications running on any IBM mainframe operating system anywhere on your network, together with any IBM i and UNIX VT220 applications.

Single sign-on

Once signed onto Tubes there is no need to log into individual applications, or re-enter security details.

Comprehensive in-built security

User access can be controlled with minimal administrator effort; this includes the ability to restrict individual system features and functions to specific users.

Extensive helpdesk and training functions

Comprehensive features to help you improve customer interaction include message broadcasting; an online demonstration capability; and a remote support feature.

Dynamic menu creation

Menus are personalized so that each user sees only those applications they are authorized to access.

Intuitive administration

It is easy for authorized personnel to add, update and delete users and applications; you can also allow end users to tailor their own working environment.

Network Data Minimizer

Inbound and outbound data streams are compressed to increase network throughput and avoid bottlenecks.

Application Builder

Information from different sessions can be combined and displayed on a single screen, in effect creating a new application without any development overhead.

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