Integrated VSEⁿ output management.

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Key features

Automated print recovery

In the event of a printing failure, print jobs are automatically recovered and restarted, which reduces the impact on business users and minimizes calls to the helpdesk.

Automated splitting and bundling

Output can be merged or split to create new documents without the effort of modifying the original documents or source applications. Paper waste is also reduced by only printing the pages users really need.

Production printing

Both AFP and non-AFP documents can be printed on IPDS printers, which eliminates the problems usually experienced when printer sharing and allows more effective use of high-speed printers.

Distributed printing

AFP documents can be printed on networked printers by converting IBM AFP spool files and resources to PCL data streams, when used in conjunction with Columbus OM, Macro 4’s output management software for open systems.

Learn more about Columbus OM.

Integrated archiving

POWER spool resources can be released by archiving older documents, which are stored online for easy retrieval whenever required.

Cross-platform integration

Users running mixed platforms can benefit from integration with the Columbus suite, which provides strong capabilities for document composition, document workflow and digital delivery, together with mainframe and open systems output management.