VSAM disk and data management for z/OS and VSEⁿ.

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Key features

System tuning

VSAMTune monitors the VSAM environment and provides expert advice on how to release valuable disk and CPU resources to save costs and increase efficiency.

Comprehensive file information

Online displays and reports highlight files and datasets that require attention.

Capacity planning

To assist with capacity planning, accurate and independent statistics for VSAM file usage are generated.

Dynamic buffer allocation

Optimum values for data and index buffer storage areas are allocated automatically to deliver additional performance gains.

Proactive tuning

Early warning features allow data administrators to optimize resource utilization, shorten batch run times and reduce pressure on the overnight processing window.

Online dataset management

A powerful online capability can be used to define, browse, edit, delete and reorganize datasets.

REXX interface

An API lets users access and manipulate VSAM datasets from REXX programs.