VSEⁿ console management.

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Key features

Multiple console support

The console function can be distributed within a local VM/CMS or CICS environment, or across a VTAM network, which prevents bottlenecks resulting from having only one, overutilized console for each VSEⁿ system.

Remote operations

VSE can be operated remotely if required, offering greater flexibility.

The SYSLOG subconsole

The current SYSLOG is separated from all other displays, which reduces console traffic, making it easier to monitor and process.

Enhanced console displays

Logout provides fast redisplays, which do not interrupt the SYSLOG and do not appear on the hard copy file, making redisplay simpler to use. Enhanced displays are available for all of the commands used to display POWER queues and individual queue entries as well as the output from currently running jobs.

VM interface

Users running VSE under VM do not need a separate VM console as CP commands can be entered and responses displayed on any sub-console or on the SYSLOG.

Message control

Messages can be automatically suppressed, retained or replied to and can be located using any search criteria that appear on the console, such as the message number or any part of the message text.

Flexible reporting

The Analog facility enables tailored reports to be provided using the hard copy file records.