Automated VSAM data compression for z/OS and VSEⁿ.

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Key features

Real-time data compression

Data compression or decompression is performed in real time, with no changes required to applications accessing the compressed data, and with no hardware, program or JCL dependencies.

Proactive file analysis

VSAMLite eliminates the guesswork in choosing which files to compress by using its own integral compression analysis utility.

Reduced I/O activity

Fewer I/O operations are required to read the compressed data, leading to improvements in system performance and faster response times.

High compression ratios

Compression ratios of between 30 and 80 per cent are achievable, which not only reduces DASD consumption but also leads to a noticeable reduction in backup times.

System monitoring and analysis

Detailed statistics are provided to allow compression rates to be monitored, and a compression analysis utility models the effects of compression on your files.