Automated CICS Management.

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Key features

Dynamic control of CICS resources

The need for 24/7 access means that bringing a complete CICS system down for maintenance is rarely an option. Synchro allows you to selectively take parts of a system offline, minimizing the impact on end-users.

A central point of control

Synchro can communicate with any CICS system in a network and control it remotely. This allows customer applications to be taken offline on one CICS system, while bringing a duplicate version online on another system, to avoid system downtime.

Automated, unattended CICS operations

Synchro can automatically run procedures acting on single or multiple CICS systems and resources at any location, so operations staff need only be involved when error conditions occur.

Automation through scripting

Scripting functionality provides extremely effective process automation using REXX, ready-to-use system variables and a full range of command functions to allow greater operational flexibility.

Full operational audit

An online audit log records all commands issued, together with the responses to those commands.


Full security is provided using RACF alongside a command security exit.