Columbus Z REFLECT

Legacy application print data stream management on IBM zSystems.

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Output management

Redirecting legacy print data streams to an output management system such as Columbus Z makes it possible to print your documents on any VTAM or TCP/IP attached printer on the network, and increases resilience as documents can be sent to an alternative device in the event of a printer failure.

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Increased throughput

Print throughput increases as output can be routed to the operating system spool, or sent directly to Columbus OM, avoiding the operating spool altogether.

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CICS and IMS output management

Columbus Z REFLECT lowers business risk by bringing CICS and IMS output under the control of an output management system; the problem of lost VTAM print output following CICS termination is eliminated.

Zero development effort

Columbus Z REFLECT 'logical printers' appear to your applications in just the same way as physical printers, so there is no need to modify your applications to redirect your output.

Flexible configuration

All logical printers, spool characteristics, closure comparison criteria and authorized users are defined in a configuration file, which is loaded at Columbus Z REFLECT startup time and can be updated by authorized users.

Online displays

Authorized users can view and modify printer and spool definition characteristics, and configure displays – for example to run in different national languages.


To ensure security for your business documents, Columbus Z REFLECT provides comprehensive internal features for user authorization and also integrates with external security products such as RACF, using a standard SAF interface.