Powerful and flexible z/OS automated operations.

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Key features

Sys Manager

Sys Manager is a menu-driven online system that can be accessed from any TSO, ISPF or VTAM session, or any z/OS console.

Sys Manager operator interface

A user-friendly interface replaces the normal operator console and provides a window into the z/OS system for all data center staff; users can navigate to displays more quickly and sequences of commands can be automated.

JES queue functions

JES queue members can be viewed and manipulated easily, with comprehensive access controls where required.

Automation Manager

Automation Manager is an expert systems based rule processor that supports 'message', 'scheduled' and 'command' rules.

Automation procedures

Automation procedures can be developed and tested simply and securely, with fewer errors, using Automation Manager's extensive online displays.


QuickStart automates many common operational procedures and provides immediate benefits from the moment AUTOMON® for MVS is installed, for example by implementing a 'starter set' of message suppression and message response rules.


QuickView is a set of working procedures and online displays that provide a graphical representation of system status information to help operators monitor the systems environment and respond quickly to any problems.

Open architecture

The system's open architecture design enables new automation procedures and customized online displays to be created using flexible panel language, powerful REXX procedures and simple to use automation rules.