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Enterprise output management.

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Key features

A single point of control

An intuitive browser interface displays the health of your corporate print infrastructure, helping you to diagnose and fix output problems, and simplify administration of your printing processes.

Automated recovery

In the event of a device or network failure, print jobs are recovered automatically; documents can be rerouted to another printer or to a digital channel such as email or a web portal, while keeping business users and IT teams informed.

Automated splitting and bundling

Output such as reports can be combined or split to produce new documents, saving you time as you don’t have to modify the original documents or source applications to create the content you want. Paper waste is also reduced by only printing the pages each user really needs.

Format transformation

A powerful transformation engine converts documents into alternative output formats on demand, enabling you to print on a wider range of production and distributed printers and to quickly repurpose printed documents for digital delivery.

Enterprise control

Bulk system changes, such as adding new printers, can be made in one central location and are then instantly applied throughout your global printer network, across all Columbus OM instances, to save administrator effort.

Application integration

Columbus OM integrates with your business applications to increase printing reliability across the enterprise. Additionally, information on device status and printing activity can be sent to helpdesks and management frameworks to support operational intelligence.

SAP output management

Columbus OM integrates with SAP systems using certified interfaces, ensuring interoperability in line with SAP technical best practice; for extra flexibility there is the option of using either managed or unmanaged gateways for exchanging data between Columbus OM and SAP.

SAP device configuration

Two-way SAP integration reduces duplication of effort by allowing you to configure printers just once, in either your SAP or Columbus OM system, and then synchronize any changes automatically across both systems.

Embedded business intelligence

Columbus Accounting provides rich reports on your printing environment to help you drive continuous service improvement, and supports a range of business activities, including forecasting and capacity planning, service level management, usage-based billing and infrastructure optimization.

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