Make legacy application decommissioning part of your digital transformation strategy


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Most organizations have at least one IT application kept running purely to retain access to the historical data. Mergers and acquisitions, a software refresh or upgrade, moving away from established systems to newer systems or to the cloud, can all leave an organization with redundant or legacy applications.


Decommissioning legacy applications helps to drive down costs and increase business efficiency enabling an organization to re-focus energies on digital transformation and other strategic initiatives.


Our proven expertise and application decommissioning solutions will enable you to tackle the issues of managing the data within legacy applications. Whether you want to start small or are ready to go large-scale, we can tailor a solution to meet your requirements and help you make legacy application decommissioning part of your digital transformation strategy.



Legacy application decommissioning: the universal IT challenge.





Macro 4 has given us an incredibly simple, flexible way of addressing the legacy data challenge, freeing up manpower from maintaining legacy systems and giving customers a more responsive service.  

Senior Support Analyst / npower