Multi-factor authentication and Single sign-on

Strengthen security for mainframe and non-mainframe applications

Many organizations struggle to implement robust security systems across their diverse IT platforms, with end users forced to enter multiple credentials for each individual application, causing frustration and wasting valuable time. Additionally, for the IT team, this can necessitate multiple system updates, testing and disruption.

UniGW®, the UNICOM Universal Gateway, can help you meet your mainframe modernization challenges, accelerate digital transformation and create a fresh, new environment for users to work with their applications, all without changing a single line of code. UniGW® provides a single sign-on facility to control access to applications on the mainframe and other IT platforms throughout the enterprise. It will greatly simplify the user experience and will make it possible to deploy one multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution across the board. Watch the video to find out more.

We recently carried out some research about these issues amongst mainframe professionals at the GSE UK 2019 event, and it’s clear that a single authentication system that protects both mainframe and non-mainframe applications is deemed to be the ideal scenario for any organization. Find out more about the survey and the results.


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