A survey of mainframe users by Macro 4


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and the mainframe


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According to our survey only 20% of IBM mainframe customers have so far embraced multi-factor authentication to protect data and applications.

Concerns about disrupting essential applications, skills shortages and end user resistance are among the key reasons holding back multi-factor authentication (MFA) adoption by mainframe user organizations.

At the GSE UK conference, Macro 4 conducted a survey of 81 mainframers, of whom 64 per cent were aware that multi-factor authentication (MFA) is now available to control access to mainframe applications, but only 20 per cent acknowledged their organization was already using it or planned to do so.

Concerns about disrupting applications, lack of mainframe and security skills and resistance from end users were some of the issues cited as holding back adoption.



Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and the mainframe




Any new technology roll-out will bring challenges, but adopting MFA is something mainframe shops must do so it’s good news that there are shortcuts available to make it easier.  

Keith Banham
Mainframe R&D Manager / Macro 4