Important announcement for UNICOM, Macro 4, SoftLanding and Eden customers from Corry Hong, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of UNICOM Group

I am delighted to formally announce the acquisition of Macro 4 plc (“Macro 4”) by UNICOM Systems, Inc. (“UNICOM”), which closed in January 2009.


I would like to take this opportunity to underscore our continued commitment to deliver the highest standards of software and services to our customers. This acquisition brings together two strong organizations, each with a reputation for technical excellence and dedication to customer service. Together we will continue to drive forward innovation and provide an even greater range of market-leading solutions.  

Through (, our joint venture with IBM, we also offer many value-added solutions from UNICOM (, Macro 4 (, SoftLanding ( , Eden ( and other 3rd party providers: 

•    IBM hardware, software, storage, outsourcing and DR services 
•    Mainframe, AS/400, System i products and services
•    Document Management products and services
•    Open Systems and Unix products and services
•    Domino Notes, Lotus products and services

Founded in 1981 in Los Angeles, UNICOM has been providing software solutions to Global 2000 organizations in banking, finance, insurance, computers, manufacturing, retailing, education, and government. With R&D and technical support facilities in Los Angeles, New Hampshire, New Jersey and London, UNICOM provides a broad suite of multi-platform product support worldwide including IBM mainframe, AS400, iSeries, Lotus Notes, Domino, Unix and Open Systems – that address mission-critical issues across the entire technology enterprise.  

With employees worldwide and through, UNICOM, Macro 4, SoftLanding and Eden will focus on one-to-one partnerships with corporate clients to provide extended IT solutions and procurement services for selective hardware/software needs.  

I am very excited about the opportunities that this new union will bring to our customers.  As a single company we will be larger and stronger, with an impressive depth of technological capabilities. I firmly believe this is a very positive development for you as a customer and I look forward to working with you to help you meet your IT and business goals.

Yours truly

Corry Hong
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer
UNICOM Systems, Inc.