Macro 4 shares strategies to simplify mainframe modernization at the GSE Nordic Region Conference

Web and mobile enablement, multi-factor authentication and GDPR compliance are key discussion topics.


Crawley, UK, June 5 – Macro 4, a division of UNICOM® Global, will discuss strategies to simplify mainframe modernization when the company takes part in the GSE Nordics Conference on June 12–14 with its local partner, C-Net Systems.

Macro 4 will propose new ways to deliver web and mobile access to the mainframe, improve security and GDPR compliance, and modernize application development, all using the latest mainframe technologies.

Neil Evans, Macro 4’s Open Systems Research and Development Manager, will demonstrate how technologies such as Splunk, Blockchain and cognitive computing are changing the face of the mainframe in his session, ‘The latest emerging technologies: what mainframers need to know’, at 13:00 on June 13.

Macro 4’s Mainframe Research and Development Manager, Keith Banham, will examine the role of session management in enabling advanced security and regulatory compliance in his presentation, ‘Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – Why, what and how – part of a GDPR compliance strategy’, at 11:15 on June 13.

“The GSE Nordic Region Conference is an ideal forum for mainframe users to come together and find out what’s new,” said Diccon Grayling, Macro 4 Partner Manager. “Modernization remains a key challenge, and it’s a major focus for Macro 4’s mainframe software products. For example, we’re using real-time Splunk reporting to help our customers monitor how data privacy processes are being applied – such as the anonymization of personal data – and to produce management information in a way that is more interactive and easier to understand.”   

Macro 4 and C-Net Systems will be exhibiting solutions for mainframe modernization and application lifecycle management alongside the conference. Delegates are also invited to take part in a session management survey and will have the chance to win a Sonos® Play:1 speaker.


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