Overcoming the practical barriers to customer communications transformation: Macro 4 at the Customer Engagement Summit

Macro 4 will be explaining how to overcome the practical barriers to transforming customer communications.

Crawley, UK - November 9, 2017 – Macro 4, a division of UNICOM® Global, will be discussing the practical steps companies can take to improve customer communications when the company exhibits at the Customer Engagement Summit in London on November 13, 2017 (stand 35).

Companies must evolve rapidly to meet the demands of digital business, while simultaneously dealing with the constraints of traditional organizational structures, IT legacy and the need for GDPR compliance, as Lynda Kershaw, Marketing Manager at Macro 4, explained:

“Now that the internet has swept away many of the traditional barriers to competition, customer experience is becoming the new battleground. The companies that stand out are those that are easy and seamless to deal with across all channels and departments. Because there are fewer direct human interactions with customers now, businesses really need to make them count when they do happen, while at the same time injecting greater personalization into all of their ‘non-human’ digital and paper communications.

“Delivering the kind of connected customer experience we all strive for is far from easy due to the organizational and IT ‘baggage’ companies have inherited. This is where Macro 4 can help because we enable businesses to make incremental advances – such as introducing new channels, personalizing communication, or creating a single customer view – without ditching everything that has gone before. That makes the whole process of transformation much more painless. We are looking forward to taking this message to the Customer Engagement Summit.”

Macro 4 will also be showcasing its new app for handling customer communications on the move, together with a live demonstration of customer self-service, on stand 35 in the exhibition hall.

Conference delegates can try out Macro 4 technology for themselves and are invited to take part in Macro 4’s customer experience survey; the results will be published following the event.

For more on Macro 4’s approach to customer communications management, download the white paper ‘Six important steps for a successful customer communications transformation’.

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