Macro 4 provides comprehensive training for its reseller and consulting partners, with formal certification.

Customer credibility provides a competitive edge. Macro 4’s Partner Certification can leverage your company in achieving marketing recognition and greater business opportunities.

As a major component of the Macro 4 Partner Program, certification provides your company with technical expertise providing you with the ability to deliver high quality Macro 4 product-based solutions.

The Certification Process

To qualify for certification your chosen delegates must complete both a formal training course in the required product and an additional Certification Module. The Certification Module will consist of a series of theoretical and practical tests.

Certification Modules are available for all standard Macro 4 document management and delivery training courses.

For more information on Macro 4 Partner certification, or to arrange for the development of a suitable partner training plan, please contact your Macro 4 representative or email us.

Partner certification will:

  •  enable your company to develop valuable skills and be recognized with proven competencies in specific Macro 4 products and technologies
  •  allow you to grow your technical expertise and join our ever growing list of partners that help Macro 4 deliver high quality solutions to customers
  •  validate your company's expertise in providing Macro 4 product-based solutions, enabling you to design, implement or manage Macro 4 based solutions