Direct web access for 3270 terminal users.

Key features

Fast web access

To support the non-graphical facilities of a 3270 screen, ENTERWEB/MVS retrieves only text, at mainframe processing speeds; this saves you valuable processing power and improves user productivity

Secure web access

ENTERWEB/MVS has extensive internal security capabilities that limit user access to authorized web sites using industry standard security solutions such as RACF and ACF2

Activity auditing

Extensive auditing facilities allow you to monitor what information your users are retrieving, and to maintain a log of all commands issued and the responses to those commands

Low-cost set-up and maintenance

Implementation of a new version of ENTERWEB/MVS need only be carried out once and all settings can be configured online; ENTERWEB/MVS can support up to 2000 concurrent users and one change refreshes all users