Performance monitoring for Java-based applications.

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Key features

Cross-platform application performance management

All Java applications, regardless of platform, together with their supporting infrastructure components, are monitored centrally from a single system.

Web application server support

SUPERMON for Java provides monitoring support for all major application server environments, including WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss and Tomcat.

Detailed monitoring and trend analysis

Near real-time monitoring generates a wealth of current and historical data that is displayed in a graphical user interface in a range of configurable formats, including charts and tables

Drill-down design

It is easy to drill down from a summary 'health' dashboard to progressive levels of detail, to get to the root of performance problems quickly.


There is minimal setup effort as SUPERMON for Java automatically detects all application components and related infrastructure.

Database correlation

A powerful correlation facility enables you to connect the performance of your databases with the SQL and Java code that is accessing it, for easier problem diagnosis.

CICS monitoring

CICS transactions initiated by Java programs are monitored in real time, with the option to correlate metrics for CICS transactions with calling Java methods, and vice versa.

Apdex reporting

Apdex (Application Performance Index) reporting provides a new level of insight into exactly which applications should be prioritized for performance improvement by measuring true levels of user experience and satisfaction.

Threshold alerts

Any breach of acceptable performance thresholds can trigger an alert, or set off a process; 'less than/more than' threshold conditions can provide insight into potential problems – an application with unusually fast response times may indicate trouble elsewhere, for example.

Worst performing transactions

A 'Top N' function highlights the transactions that are running most slowly or using the most resources, to help you proactively improve the worst performers.