Simplify data management and minimize the business impact of data errors

In the demanding world of business it is essential to have solutions that allow you to correct production data errors quickly, yet safely, and to reformat and process files in batch applications with ease. It is also important to create test data that accurately reflects the complexities and variations of the live environment. Costly production failures can occur if the data used for application testing is insufficiently comprehensive.

Macro 4’s InSync® solution provides extensive data manipulation facilities to help you find and fix data errors faster, in both production and test environments. This includes full audit reporting for data held in z/OS files, Db2 and IMS databases and WebSphere MQ.

A key capability of our solution is a comprehensive batch processing language, designed for manipulating data in production batch applications. This makes it easy to copy, extract, convert, reformat and validate application data. It also gives you the flexibility to write your own fully tailored batch data manipulation processes.

Our solution also delivers highly sophisticated management of application test data, which is essential for the efficient development of reliable applications. This includes the facility to quickly extract production data and disguise it for use in test environments, to meet your data privacy obligations.

Working with Macro 4 you can:
  •  Increase developer productivity and reduce error resolution timescales by using standard functions to perform common data manipulation tasks; these functions can be easily tailored to carry out more complex tasks
  •  Automatically provide full audit reporting on updates to data in production environments, for painless regulatory compliance
  •  Perform complex data manipulation with a simple, flexible and powerful batch procedural language that reduces the need for writing additional applications in traditional programming languages

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