Customer and employee self-service

Recent times have seen an explosion in demand for online self-service, and first-generation portal systems are coming under pressure. We can help you revitalize self-service to provide a better online experience and relieve the pressure on your call centers and other frontline teams.

An out-of-the-box self-service portal

Improving your digital offer doesn’t have to be difficult. You can create new self-service portals in just a few days using our Columbus portal. Ready to use out of the box, the portal can be quickly customized to meet any requirement for sharing information online and engaging with customers and employees. Examples include human resources portals, finance and electronic billing, customer relations and customer journey management.

Transform self-service across your business

  • Deliver new portals that are a joy to use, in a fraction of the time required for a bespoke web development
  • Empower customers to do more for themselves, and reduce demand for in-person or phone contact
  • Increase scalability and resilience to handle millions of customer interactions with fast response times
  • Strengthen portal security, with integrated identity and access management, and encrypted, tamper-evident storage for your data
  • Save time by automating and streamlining the onboarding process for new users
  • Manage and protect personal customer and employee information throughout its lifecycle to comply with the GDPR and industry-specific regulations
  • Tailor the look and feel of the portal to match your corporate branding and blend with your existing websites
  • Reduce support costs and risks by using an off-the-shelf product

An integrated self-service channel

The Columbus portal can operate as a standalone system or be embedded within an existing website. You can also choose to manage web and mobile self-service alongside other communication channels such as email, text and print delivery, as part of an integrated system. The Columbus suite offers you many options to extend self-service and provide a connected multi-channel experience for customers and employees.

Employee self-service in human resources

The challenge

“With more of us working remotely, including the HR team, we wanted to reduce reliance on paper and find a better way of sharing information with employees. Email was very limited, and didn’t provide the control and security we needed.”

The solution

“Everyone around the business can now upload and share employee-related information securely on our HR portal. As everything is in one place it is easier to access and manage, and we have been able to improve our processes. For example, we can automatically delete information about former employees to ensure GDPR compliance, and keep better track of contracts so we know we are always using the right versions.”


Customer self-service in finance

The challenge

“We were using a portal system which we had written ourselves, together with email for sending invoices. The old portal looked quite basic and needed updating, and the email system was struggling with the increase in volumes, which led to quite a few delivery problems.”

The solution

“We decided to completely replace the finance portal as it was easier to start again on a new technology base. Our customers much prefer the new Columbus portal; it’s also more secure because we’ve moved away from emailing documents and are using notifications instead, which are also handled by Columbus. Everything is more integrated and our credit control team are able to be more proactive because they can see which customers haven’t yet viewed or paid their invoices.”

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