Customer communications management

Build loyalty through personalized multi-channel engagement

It has never been easier for customers to switch allegiances. Keep them loyal by providing a great customer experience at every touchpoint. Our customer communications management (CCM) solutions give you the right tools to create the engaging, personalized interaction that customers expect. Your documents and digital messages are optimized for every channel, from apps and web portals to email, social media and print. And, as digital traffic increases, you can scale up quickly and deliver huge volumes of multi-channel communications with speed, reliability and flexibility.

Differentiate your service

  • Remove departmental silos and speak with one voice throughout your business
  • Personalize messaging in real time in response to how customers are reacting
  • Turn uninspiring paper documents into interactive digital formats
  • Manage data security, privacy and compliance in line with global regulations and best practice
  • Maintain a complete communication history so you can respond to customers quickly and knowledgeably

A one-stop solution for customer communications management

A Macro 4 customer communications management solution gives you centralized control of all your information delivery processes and digital marketing assets.

You can use business rules to decide which documents and messages are sent to which customer, and when. You can combine information from different business systems with real-time data to create compelling communications, and provide secure online access for customers and employees. You can see at a glance whether communications have been successfully delivered, and send them to another channel if there’s a problem. And you can save time by creating new communications from your existing documents and systems.

The benefits

A seamless
customer experience

Manage all communications in an integrated way to ensure consistency across business units and channels

A single
customer view

Give staff immediate access to all customer information, allowing them to resolve customer queries much faster

A joined-up

Interact with your customers using multiple channels quickly and easily to ensure a seamless customer journey



Tailor messaging to individual customers across departments to improve engagement and provide the personalized service customers expect


Increase use of digital channels and reduce your print and mailing costs


The result: increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Increased productivity
Higher service quality
Improved customer experience
Reduced costs
Enhanced efficiency

Infographic: Common customer experience challenges and how to tackle them


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Customer success stories

Learn how global organizations have achieved their communication goals by working with us.

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Taking control of customer communications


Orio AB Group

Delivering cost savings, a faster response to customers and regulatory compliance


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Implementing a digital-first invoicing strategy


An enterprise platform for customer communications

Our customer communications solutions are built on Columbus, a powerful software platform that makes it easy to deliver personalized multi-channel communications at scale. Columbus works with your current systems rather than replacing them, so you can get started quickly and deliver results within weeks.

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