Streamline revenue recovery and reduce debtor days

To perform effectively, credit controllers need easy access to sales invoices and signed proof of delivery documents (PODs) so that they can handle payment queries knowledgeably and gain the customer's commitment to timely payment.

But gathering relevant documents together for review can be slow and problematic. Further delays occur when new copies of lost invoices or PODs have to be sent to the customer. All of which increases payment timescales and debtor days.

Macro 4's credit management solution brings together scanned PODs, correspondence and invoices for swift online access both by credit management personnel and customers, so that queries can be resolved faster and payment issues resolved sooner.

Key capabilities of Macro 4's credit management solution:
  •  Swift online access to all documentation required for credit management, including signed PODs scanned from paper or uploaded from handheld devices
  •  Integration with your finance systems, so any relevant document can be viewed with a single click
  •  Customer self-service access to invoices and signed proof of delivery documentation from a secure web portal, which eliminates many telephone enquiries
  •  A management view of online customer activity, allowing a proactive follow-up call or email to be triggered for customers who have not yet accessed their invoices
  •  Online capture of all original documents so that exact copies can be quickly faxed or emailed to customers directly from the credit controller's screen - or printed from your web portal
Working with Macro 4 you can:
  •  Improve cash flow and reduce debtor days by increasing the speed and efficiency of your credit management operation
  •  Eliminate payment delays due to lost invoice documentation as electronic copies can be quickly faxed, emailed or viewed online
  •  Increase customer satisfaction by resolving more payment queries on the first call
  •  Perform the credit management task with fewer people, at lower cost
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