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Paper invoices are not only costly to send, slow to arrive and environmentally unfriendly. They also leave many customers dissatisfied. Today, most companies expect to have the option of receiving their invoices and invoice data electronically, whether by email, via the web or on smart phones.

Macro 4 can help you make a fast and cost-effective transition to electronic invoicing, without changing your current finance systems or disrupting your business processes. Our eInvoicing module allows you to deliver invoice data and documents in a range of electronic formats to meet every customer need, while continuing to print paper invoices where required.

Key capabilities of Macro 4's eInvoicing solution:
  •  Management of customer invoicing preferences (such as email, print, web presentment) via your secure self-service web portal
  •  Customization of your invoices and statements to suit different electronic formats
  •  Online presentment of invoice data for easy upload into your customers' financial systems
  •  eDelivery and online presentment of invoices and statements to meet customer preferences
  •  Monitoring of online activity and generation of automated reminders if your customers do not view their invoices
  •  Compliance with international eInvoicing standards, such as digital signatures
Working with Macro 4 you can:
  •  Significantly reduce your printing and mailing costs as your customers switch over to electronic invoicing
  •  Eliminate payment delays due to invoices being lost or delayed in the mail and reduce Days Sales Outstanding
  •  Reduce your organization's environmental impact by producing fewer paper documents
  •  Increase customer satisfaction and retention by meeting demand for eInvoicing
  •  Spend less time servicing invoice queries and copy invoice requests as all documentation is available online
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"It’s been a successful initiative that has enhanced customer service, freed up staff time and produced savings in paper, printing and postage."

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