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When sales order processing relies heavily on handling paper purchase orders it inevitably takes extra time and effort.

But it doesn't have to be that way. We can help you reduce manual effort, minimize errors and eliminate order entry bottlenecks by turning paper orders into electronic documents that are processed automatically, together with orders received by email, or on your website.

Electronic data capture and extraction, document workflow and integration with your ERP and order processing systems ensure that all the information needed for timely order fulfillment and distribution is delivered where it is needed in your organization - fast. So your customers benefit from faster turnaround of their orders. And you benefit from a quicker, slicker sales order process, with fewer returns.

Key capabilities of Macro 4's sales order processing solution:
  •  Electronic capture of customer orders on paper and in electronic formats like email and XML
  •  Automated data extraction using scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) - no data re-keying is required
  •  Automated sales order generation, including the application of relevant discounts - minimizing the need for manual intervention
  •  Reliable printing of delivery documentation and picking lists - with automated rerouting in the event of a printer failure - to eliminate a common source of delivery delays
Working with Macro 4 you can:
  •  Process customer orders faster, with fewer staff and no manual errors
  •  Minimize product returns and increase customer satisfaction by always delivering the right order to the right place in the shortest possible timescales
  •  Spend less time handling queries as all order documentation is online and easy to access
  •  Build brand loyalty by fulfilling customer orders faster than your competitors
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Automating the Order to Cash Process


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